HiperStream platform brings together the ability to create multi-channel campaigns with the technology needed to put them into practice effectively. You retain full control and monitoring through any device.

We commit to deliver innovative, intelligent and fully configurable solutions to our customers. Anytime. Anywhere. Any channel.


Enterprise growth by enabling true scalability, automation and revenue assurance in customer communications.


Multinational with a diverse portfolio of retail businesses, operating in various segments and geographies.


All databases and data sources were integrated into HiperStream platform, resulting in a single view of the customer engagement process, accessible and transparent to all enterprise users.​

Communication design, quality assurance, production process and business validation rules were defined and configured entirely in HiperStream platform.​

Channel specific communication and model basis were automated allowing fast time-to-market. ​

The digital migration process was executed successfully reaching high level of automation. A digital scheduler allowed an intelligent conversion process for customers that still required the receipt of physical documents.​

Addressed revenue risks, such as errors in communication, including broken bar codes, wrong invoice values, missing data and processes that could prevent customers from making payments, avoiding reprocessing costs, excessive call center activation or any other issue that could increase operational and financial risk.


With the company’s expansion overseas, there was the need to provide overseas’ staff with technology to allow execution capacity and onboarding of newly acquired businesses.

The deployment HQ legacy systems overseas generated complexities and inefficiencies not aligned with the budgets of subsidiaries and agility needed.

Marketing and Finance dealt with multiple platforms managed largely by internal IT, limiting ability to collaborate and better explore the market potential and customer knowledge.

Long production time, complex and slow change management process caused overwork and expressive delays.

Data validation process was executed manually, using samplings from the transactional database.

Growing operational complexity kept increasing business risks, impacting customer satisfaction, time to market, generating customer complaints and damaging the brand.


✓ Successful digital migration with improved operational margins ​

✓ Client’s transactional data automatically pre-tested and evaluated before converted to production ​

✓ True scalability and confidence to absorb new businesses and customers ​

✓ Additional revenues generated by transactional communication ​

✓ Flexible and automated process​

✓ Paper usage and postal cost reduction ​

✓ Reduction in communication costs

Increase deployment

Increase deployment and capillarity seeking to improve customer service, revenues and onboarding new businesses.


Insurance brokerage, reinsurance and risk consulting services, maintaining a strong growth strategy.
Present in more than 100 countries, with more than 10,000 employees.


Continue prospering as one of the leading players in the world of insurance brokerage, on the continuous path of building new relationships and attracting new clients.

Strengthening the leadership position in the world market.

Increase deployment and capillarity seeking to serve customers and generate added revenues.

Accelerate onboarding of new businesses, partnerships and acquisitions.


HiperStream platform, to enable the centralization, management and automation of communications with brokers and customers, allowing intelligent exploration of relationships and businesses, substantially reducing operating expenses and generating new revenues.


✓ By centralizing all customer communications on the HiperStream platform, client have at its disposal a complete Communication Manager enabled to all users of the company, from Finance, Marketing to Call Center, with effective tools to improve contracted products, identify opportunities to increase customer’s ticket and intra-group distribution.

✓ Creation, management and distribution of unlimited communications, allowing the implementation of marketing strategies, with powerful analytical support.

✓ Automation, which allows executing actions with clients and getting answers promptly without human support.

✓ Policy and commission management portal to execute customer actions, advertise products, campaigns, and use analytical tools for the brokerage business.


Integration and digital migration to efficiently service customers, raise revenue assurance levels and scale safely.


A leading Telecom operator, present in more than 200 metropolitan regions.
It offers packages that brings together cable TV, internet, landline and mobile services.
It holds one of the biggest growth in landline telephony with numbers ported from other operators.


Growing product offering and innovation was not yielding as expected, in specific due to operational challenges in maintaining quality and customer service.
A major challenge was revenue streaming through customer communications, affected by a complex environment comprised of different systems and databases across departments.
Lack of integration was another detected problem beyond the collection process. CRM, Marketing and Finance departments implemented multiple softwares over time, with redundancies that brought complexity to users and long turnaround time from IT.
Information was not precise or available in an integrated or transparent way, directly affecting customer service.
Response delays generated excessive call center activation and high number of unsolved requests, increasing churn rates and damaging the company’s reputation.


Integration and seamless view to knowledge databases and systems were key to provide transparency to users across departments.

ERP and CRM systems were integrated into HiperStream’s 7 step workflow.

The Audible Responsible Unit was automated allowing customers to be assisted without human support.

HiperStream platform became the unique repository for all critical documents and templates.

Reports, dashboards and audits were configured, allowing a single reference of all customer interactions across departments.

Customer engagement mechanisms were standardized for all channels and automated within HiperStream platform.


✓ All communication channels using the same knowledge and documentation database

✓ Improvement in IT change requests, third party management, operational risk mitigation and better utilization of internal resources

✓ More efficient utilization of third party systems, such as BI, to intelligently explore customer behavior and segmentation

✓ Automation of Audible Responsible Unit allowing customers to obtain responses promptly and solve issues without human support

✓ Revenue generation with capability to configure and launch Transactional Marketing Campaigns in less than 24h

✓ Customer churn rate reduced dramatically

✓ Safe scalability

Hiperstream and CRM

Outstanding ways to combine HiperStream with your CRM.


CRMs are great for lead generation and closing, but the fundamental pillar of the conversion process many times goes missing.


Your CRM is delivering according to expectations and in fact, it turned out to be a great fit to your business needs.

Visitors are streaming into your website, leads are generated at fast pace and you ramped up your social media presence.

You’ve generated massive data for leads, and you’ve converted leads into customers.

But with fierce competition and customers that are prone to change their minds, you need effective tools to retain your customers.

Depending on your industry and which study you read, customer acquisition is 5-25 times more expensive than customer retention.


Any interaction that your sales team record with a customer using your CRM can be captured and recorded in HiperStream for mission critical tracking.

Marketers harnessing the power of HiperStream Platform to launch Transactional Promotion Campaigns, personalizing customer experiences and truly responding to customer needs.


Your business hanging on to the good customers you’ve got:

✓ Research from Bain and Company has found that a 5% increase in customer retention has more than a 25% increase in profit.

✓ Customer retention is the most cost-effective way to impact your revenue.