How cloud services can help SMB companies to grow

How cloud services can help SMB companies to grow

Aug. 27, 2019

Can only large companies afford to implement cloud services to manage and automate communication to customers like bills, statements or campaigns? Not anymore. Even though it is widely thought that highly complex solutions require sizable investments, this has now changed.

Nowadays, even small businesses can use technology to optimize their processes with cloud services. Using automation and data treatment to send transactional communication not only improves operating efficiency, but also reduces the risk of complaints and prevents mistakes that may cause great financial losses. Not to mention that it optimizes customer experience and relationships. 

You can either opt for pay-per-use services or acquire exclusive package services tailored for your company. Transactional data treatment and validation services using clouds are already a reality and benefit from the secure environments. Now that companies have become more focused on their business operations and on automating their operating systems, the trend is to seek digital technology solutions to speed up processes such as billing, reporting, claims management or e.g  customer onboarding. Thus allowing smaller businesses the chance to grow as much as larger ones, using cutting edge technology. 

Learn how cloud service can improve your company’s efficiency and competitiveness without being burdened by a tight budget.

Cloud service: a constant evolution

Not too long ago, tools for automated process validation or customer communication were expensive and too complex for users to handle without sound technological expertise. Some tools even lacked a friendlier interface. 

This has changed with the :hiperstream platform, which introduced more modern, dynamic and easy-to-use products. : hiperstream products are more intuitive and optimized, and bringing out the best of this cloud technology. 

In other words, we’re talking about advanced technology that is simple to use and totally accessible, even for smaller businesses.

How does a data validation service on cloud adapt to your company?


Think of a technology that can automate and speed up your business growth, allowing your company to focus on customers instead of wasting time on processes.

By optimizing processes, your company also stands to gain by improving and consolidating customer relationships. It will gain more confidence, especially by ensuring safer processing of billings and any communication to your customers. Your customers will thank you.

By subscribing to :hiperstream products, your company will perform like the giants, in a simple and accessible way. 

These subscription models can be designed to create exclusive packages for using :hiperstream products according to your demand, budget, and brand strategy. This is the big secret that now enables small businesses to have the technology of the big ones: the service is the same, but it’s adapted to the reality of the contracting party’s brand. 

For international operation of small and mid-sized businesses it makes a lot of sense to choose :hiperstream cloud of  a streamlined, cross-cultural, and specialized company.

Additionally, :hiperstream’s customized billing process allows using mixed subscription models. For example, your company can mix service use (CCM, DVA and Hiper Box) with storage consumption, just like the CCM.

In other words, the options are fashioned to meet the brand needs, from the company’s operating segment to geographic aspects. This combined information can be used to create an exclusive, tailormade package that will ensure your company’s success.

It’s easier with :hiperstream

Although an optimized process is needed, smaller companies tend to face difficulties managing their resources and skills when it comes to dealing with the complexity of omnichannel communication. On the other hand, providers of cloud service technology cannot operate when everything is improvised: there must be strong support to ensure easy and practical access to these platforms.

All things considered, :hiperstream was introduced to reduce CCM complexity for small and mid-sized companies, thus making the cloud service accessible without being burdened by having to hire savvy experts or expensive tools. In addition, :hiperstream provides workflows and predetermined models, so that corporate users can maintain and control their processes without having to involve IT.


Yes, for your company can automate your billing delivery management

Recent case studies such as Banco Carrefour or MDS prove that cloud service technology is a possibility to all companies. Including the cloud service in your company’s routine proceedings makes your brand more agile in business. In addition to improving communication with customers, you can reduce your company’s dependence on IT teams or outsourced companies. After all, everything gets easier, more intuitive, and highly rated.

Therefore, whether your company is small or mid-sized, cloud-assisted :hiperstream tools ensure communication will deliver in time and in the right hands.

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