Boosting your business success with the multichannel communication

Boosting your business success with the multichannel communication

Sept. 3, 2019

Multichannel communication. As part of a constantly evolving scenario, the internet has produced changes in consumers behavior, since they expect a more relevant and personal dialogue with companies.
 Therefore, a brand that comprehends its clients’ expectations has a leverage and can move further ahead by delivering a closer, more efficient, and modern communication. This is achieved with a data validation process carried out through a multichannel communication.

A more relevant and personal communication: the challenge

It is true that the communication involving billing, bank slips, and other financial content may be extremely bureaucratic. Thus, clients tend to dislike this process, and not always approve this type of communication. 
The challenge is to make communication as humanized as possible to improve this dialogue. But how? By automating processes and using tools that allow segmentation and delivery through the consumer’s favorite channels that make room for other topics as well – not only those directly connected to billing –, establishing, thus, a conversation without losing efficiency.
Being able to offer your clients a service where due dates, or even barcodes on bank slips, can be sent through a popular and non-bureaucratic channel, such as SMS, is something ordinary and even expected by consumers. On the other hand, WhatsApp channel may surprise them, and contribute to converting payments and reducing hassles.
Offer solutions that make your client’s life simpler and reduce hassles during the billing process can captivate this client. This demonstrates that your company is accessible, with a human stance towards its processes. By automating the communication, your brand can serve clients better by making it clear that: your client’s time and preferences are taken seriously here.
Among the several benefits of this practice, we can find a decrease in defaults since clients have an easier access to billing. Moreover, the relationship brand/customer is strengthened as confidence grows. Thus, your business is boosted by turning this process into a leverage to build customer loyalty.

Optimizing your company processes: the advantages

Processes cannot rely only on a desire to change, as you may well know. That’s why multichannel segmentation tools for billing and statements are here to bring out the best that technology can offer in order to establish an even closer dialogue with your clients.

  • Be close to them, be everywhere: consolidate and automatize the delivery of billing and statements
    Your clients use different channels, and you can manage them all with a single tool. It is much easier to handle the delivery of statements and bills if you are managing a single platform. Thus, you can talk to clients through the communication channels they are actually in.
  • People talking to people: human-first experience
    No stiff customer service. With the multichannel communication you create dialogue sessions that ensure relevance and the best experience to your clients. Everything becomes more personal: not only do you deliver a bill, but you also make yourself present. In other words, this is not just service; it is relationship.
  • Get to know your client and improve the relationship: establish relevance
    One of the most attractive aspects of the multichannel communication is that it is based on data analysis, allowing you to learn details of your client’s tastes, characteristics and preferences. Therefore, your communication becomes relevant: you know exactly what to say to confidently engage each client.

Optimizing your company processes: the tools

At this point, you should be asking yourself which products can change the way your brand communicates with your public.
DVA (Data Validation Automation) makes this list. The multichannel communication platform can be set up, thus allowing automatic validation of large data volumes. Consequently, it reduces risks and losses by minimizing errors in sending communications.

Among the main DVA benefits for your process, you can find:
●      Data validation in an integrated and automated way;
●      Consolidation and validation of data from different areas and platforms;
●      Safe validation of 100% of the data;
●      Specific tailormade regulations for your business;
●      Automatic identification of errors on your database.
Another option that deals with problems differently is CCM (Customer Communication Management). The distinctive aspect of this platform is its ability to centralize the transactional communication, allowing segmentation, multichannel delivery, follow-up and unified management.
Moreover, CCM also provides the following benefits:
●      Delivery of bills and statements through your client’s channel of choice;
●      Generation and delivery management of bills and statements;
●      Adjustable and simplified delivery and segmentation regulations;
●      Integration of multichannel communication perspective when sending statements, ensuring relevance to the message;
●    It allows to transform the transactional communication as an additional marketing channel; 
●     Access to communication flow performance reports.


Successful examples of the multichannel communication

Large companies have already joined multichannel communication to optimize their processes and get closer to their clients.
Banks and insurance companies are examples of institutions that have joined this team. The system can help these types of services identify inconsistent transactions, regardless of their nature. With the right tools, these companies can adjust their values, reduce customer center service costs, and optimize their annual revenue.
Furthermore, renowned brands such as Carrefour are examples of companies that have bet on optimizing data validation and seen a drastic improvement of their processes. Learn more about this transformation clicking on this link.

You can adopt the multichannel communication in your company

For a venture to succeed, your clients must occupy a central role in the communication, and they must enjoy the best possible experience. This rule applies to any size company.
Therefore, it is fundamental to have the multichannel communication in your company, whether it is small, mid-sized or large. Get in touch with :hiperstream and find out how to introduce this technology into your brand.

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