Transpromo: Marketing and relationship in transactional communications

Transpromo: Marketing and relationship in transactional communications

Nov. 25, 2020

Data Validation Automation


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Transactional communications are a powerful tool for companies, allowing them to reach directly to the customers on a channel whose open rate is naturally higher. People can delete or unsubscribe from marketing emails, but most of them will read messages regarding their credit card or cable TV bills. And there’s only one way to do that efficiently: with a smart approach to data.


This is the concept of transpromo marketing (or transpromotional): taking advantage of transactional documents to include customized communications that help building relationships with customers, increase loyalty levels and drive more sales. :hiperstream supports this strategy through platforms that optimize Marketing and Finance strategies to work together.


For sure, there is a huge difference between advertising a service or product and informing the client about a bill or bank statement. But have you ever thought about putting these two together to improve the financial journey?


Right message, right timing, but mostly: the right person

Millions and millions of financial communications are sent daily, worldwide. And :hiperstream has developed a platform to allow all data from these critical pieces of information to be automatically validated with precision and assertiveness. Data Validation Automation (DVA) identifies errors across databases, allowing our clients to correct them before sending a communication – thus increasing internal controls and improving customer experience, whether it’s B2C or B2B2C.

A production chain whose database is 100% validated is then ready to take advantage of customized messages to the customers. This functionality is carried out by Customer Communication Management (CCM), which creates audience segmentation and sends invoices and communications via the channel of choice of the customer.


In addition to managing the communication flow, :hiperstream’s platform also integrates external databases and creates a proof of the document, before sending it in an automated way.


So, for example, a cable TV provider can target football fans to receive the monthly invoice together with a promotional message about the kick off of the national championship – or even sell the advertising space to a third party, shifting transactional communications from a cost to a new source of revenue. The brand can also give customers an extra discount when hiring a new service on the month of their birthdays.


In both cases, the messages are 100% personalized and targeted according to information from the company's own database, regardless of whether it stands for one thousand or thousands of users.


End-to-End integration


CCM’s platform centralizes several other physical and digital channels, such as print center, digital TV, push notifications, and apps. In addition to that, the software is enabled to switch to a different communication channel when encountering an issue. So if someone’s email isn't validated, CCM will automatically send this customer’s transactional communication by WhatsApp, SMS, or another digital channel, for example.


Data automation also leverages performance across support channels, such as the call center. :hiperstream’s platform provides access to the library, where customer support agents can oversee the status of all processes for an integrated, frictionless experience.


In today’s era of hyperconnectivity, where customers are exposed to a flood of information coming from all sides, transactional communications can – and must – be positioned as a strategic tool for companies. Getting more and more personalized, multichannel and a business growth enabler. This is the experience the consumer expects. And also the future of relationships in an increasingly digital world.


Are you interested in knowing how the :hiperstream’s solutions can transform the financial journey in your company? Contact us.

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