Claro and the multichannel invoice experience

Claro and the multichannel invoice experience

Oct. 4, 2019

The multichannel experience changes how your company approaches its consumers. Amidst the full-fledged technological boom, companies now face the challenge of humanizing their dialog with customers efficiently. It is clear that today’s world is multifaceted: not only our are multiple, but there are also multiple channels through which we can communicate with them. 

That is the mindset leading to a multifaceted communication through the multichannel experience. Companies must be able to cover as many communication channels possible to make sure they can keep up with the customer. And that includes the distribution of bills and notices. 

Telecom giant Claro has realized that. In partnership with :hiperstream since 2014, the company has been focusing on using its multichannel experience to optimize billing and bring customers closer, besides cutting down on operational costs.


:hiperstream vision of Claro results using CCM - Customer Communication Management


  • +14 million financial communications sent per month;
  • 6 million physical invoices that are no longer printed and mailed;
  • Savings of more than 70 million BRLs in just 1 year;
  • +71 million customers migrated from physical to digital billing (since 2015)
  • 13 times more customers migrated from physical to digital billing (since 2015)



We invited Alexandre Coutinho to represent the brand on our latest event and talk about how the multichannel experience developed by :hiperstream is reinventing how the company relates with its consumers.


How has integrated communication changed the customer’s experience when receiving a bill from Claro?

The lessons we learned from the multichannel experience and integrated communication allowed us to improve the bill’s marketing aspects. :hiperstream is a major Claro success case when it comes to intelligently using this feature to customize customer service. 

The bill’s fields, which are customized based on the data obtained through the multichannel experience, are now the most important aspect to deliver a positive billing experience. This allowed Claro to transform bills into yet another channel open to dialog, where customers learn about more opportunities in their relationship with the company.

Social media, chats, communicators... how do you go about managing so many customer dialog channels? 

To ensure Claro’s voice was always the same across so many different channels – without losing focus and, more importantly, without losing data – we implemented a :hiperstream integration tool. With it, all channels converge into a single communication platform.

This centralizes all of the customer’s data in a single location. The reading process is the same, without different repositories and free of timing or inconsistency issues. This unique platform also covers the brand’s official digital channels, such as the chat bots. 

This single communication platform contributes towards promoting a more cohesive dialog with consumers. And it also facilitates exchanges on both sides. Be it with the customer requesting information or the brand approaching consumers to make offers based on their profiles, the data are accessible, organized and secure under the same roof. 

Besides being more convenient and reliable, this approach also makes a lot of sense for a brand like Claro. Considering that we don’t just sell cell phones, we sell communication solutions that include TV, broadband internet and many other products, our product is already inherently multichannel. So, it doesn’t make sense to have any other kind of communication approach.

How has the multichannel experience helped reduce costs?

In addition to the communication advantages, the financial benefits are also quite interesting. Claro’s process of migrating to the multichannel experience began in 2014. Back then, the company had 400,000 digital customers. When reviewing its process, one of the main results was a concern to find the ideal acceptance channel among customers, in order to boost return.

Now, Claro has more than 7 million digital customers. Driven by this mindset of constant evolution, and using the solution developed with :hiperstream, the company expects to save 70 million Brazilian reais in bill distribution compared to last year. 

These savings, in turn, can be invested to improve the brand’s services and deliver even better products and experiences to the customer. 


Does Claro have any use case regarding the use of the bill database to monetize and sell to third parties?

Not currently. This database is used as an exclusive Claro business strategy, using this information to help market the company’s products


There are still many customers who prefer receiving paper bills. How can we transition this audience to digital as well?

Indeed, some profiles are persistent. The challenge is to change this mindset with incentives such as discounts and other benefits, showing how the digital bill can be more beneficial to them.


What are the next challenges in Claro’s multichannel experience?

The trend is to continue to develop a much more assertive, comprehensive and instantaneous communication. When transitioning to the multichannel experience, however, it is essential to prioritize communication quality, balancing its use and never forgetting about the official channels. 

Therefore, the biggest challenge of the multichannel experience is achieving balance. Although the company must be everywhere, our challenge with :hiperstream is to seek out alternatives to have this dialog without overwhelming customers with excessive exposure.

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