Business relationship: How do you communicate with customers and partners?

Business relationship: How do you communicate with customers and partners?

May 28, 2020

All of a sudden, working from home is no longer a privilege - it’s a necessity, and office work is likely to change for the foreseeable future, not only during the crisis. Understand why communications are fundamental for a successful business community that is increasingly going online.

The perception of work is shifting: it is no longer about a place, but about a community of people who collaborate with each other to create value for the business. Since people are not together in a traditional, physical office, this means establishing a formal communication channel that enables employees, suppliers, partners and other key stakeholders to engage with each other safely and in a functional way, avoiding distractions.

Friction points can damage relationships and reputation for both B2B and B2C brands. And the same goes for what happens inside organizations. Ineffective communication can cost an average of US$ 420,000/year even for smaller companies (up to 100 employees). On a large scale, the amount increases to US$ 60,000,000 a year for businesses around 100,000 employees.

And how friction happens? With a piece of communication with the wrong message - or perceived that way - that takes long to be corrected. Whenever two employees spend hours to solve the same problem without knowing it. Or if a partner fails to complete a purchase because he couldn’t easily and quickly contact the company. These everyday interactions are simply addressed with a proper communication channel to share information, like Portal - :hiperstream’s Web and App digital channel designed for communication, collaboration and relationship with stakeholders.

Owned channels: a safe place for doing business

Implementing the proper technology resources is essential to improve work experience and support digital transformation across an organization. Portal users start by setting up a simple profile that will allow them to access documents, share information with partners and customers, and manage attendance to events and training sessions.

And though work is increasingly virtual, sociability still plays an important role in the workspace. With posts, private messages, likes and notifications - just like we are used to do in social media - it is possible to share personal and professional updates in a safe environment, bringing the team together.

In order to allow these features, Portal was designed based on security. The platform is in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and LGPD (General Data Protection Law, from Brazil), and also serves sectors whose businesses require additional precautions regarding data security, such as healthcare, insurance and education.

Marketplace and new sales opportunities

In addition to improving efficiency and stakeholder engagement, Portal includes a feature for companies using the channel strategy: a built-in marketplace to enrich service offerings, improve cross-selling and up-selling, and empower partners.

The resource allows sellers to categorize items, write product descriptions for each of them, and also supports photos, documents, forms, and other formats. Companies can also choose to connect the marketplace to a payment platform.

:hipertream’s Portal, a practical case

To make the software’s features easier to understand, :hiperstream put together the numbers from one of our clients, a multinational corporation who has been working with Portal since 2018. In short, the company achieved access across several countries and in 4 different languages; quick and easy set up; high volume of communications; and growth in users, which also fosters new businesses for companies using the e-commerce resource integrated to the platform.

  • Sector - Insurance
  • Countries - 91
  • Languages - 4
  • Days to implement the tool - 30 days
  • Starting date of use - September 2018
  • Companies/Business partners (B2B) - 113
  • Communication Templates - 32
  • Notifications - 150,000
  • User growth - 153% (from September 2018 to May 2020)

It means trust in technology, which supports relationships and business growth inside and outside companies. Contact us to learn more about this tailored, fast set up communication platform.

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