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:hiperstream is a global technology company that was born to transform the way companies communicate with their customers.

50M Clients Serviced
25M Digital Migrations
3 Continents
1B/y Omnichannel Touches


Our Mission

Machines are better than humans in certain jobs. They are fast, have good memory and great processing capacity. But machines only do what they are programmed for.

Humans are social, emotive, creative and inventive. They have an innate ability to communicate and live soccialy. We believe humans always come first.

What we do is to give machines the mundane jobs so humans can do what only humans do best.

We are human-first. We create human-first connections.

Leadership Team

Noel Norking
Bruno Lichot
Head of Product
Marcelo Ingarano
Head of Engineering Latam
Danilo Pecorari
CEO Brazil
Giuliano Loureiro
Gisele Feth
Head of Marketing & Culture

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Suurstoffi 10b, 6343 - Risch-Rotkreuz
Switzerland CH

+41 41 740 15 15


Rua da Lionesa, Nº 446, Edifício C25 4465-671 - Leça do Balio

North America

California Center | 50 California St, San Francisco, California US

+1 415 568 2110


Rua Samuel Morse, 120, 10o Andar, São Paulo, SP 04576-060, BR

+55 11 2645 7112

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