How can your company achieve a tailored communication with the customer?

How can your company achieve a tailored communication with the customer?

July 18, 2019

Bruno Lichot, Hiperstream Head of Product

Understand how integrated digital platforms can support your brand by having a more personal communication within our digital world.

More than establishing a connection, creating a tailored communication. More than offering information, creating meaningful relationships. In an increasingly agile world, the chances of capturing consumers’ attention are increasingly rare. To leave a mark and be noted by your customers, we must change the way we think in order to reach the next mile.

Accompanying this trend, transactional communication, such as invoices, also evolve constantly and must be designed in a more assertive and dynamic way. It is imperative to take the client’s approach into a less invasive way, delivering exactly what they want using their channels of preference. Above all, we must use empathy in order to do it. How can we overcome this challenge? How to understand exactly what the client wants, and deliver these wishes into tailored communications?

With technology support, transforming data into customer information is more accessible everyday. This information is now transformed into inputs that foster the construction of a personalized, warm and effective communication. This process positively impacts the final customer and contributes to the company's sales goals.

The way we relate to brands and companies has changed.

Therefore, it is not strategic having a lack of closeness and empathy on customer relationships nowadays. It does not engage. Even very objective processes, such as billing and invoicing, have evolved. The relationship has to be at a personal level and you must be able to address to your customers need so that your company is remembered as a present partner, not just an invoice collector.

The analysis of your customer database enables you to understand their behavioural patterns and preferences. Starting from there, it is possible to optimize the message and be assertive in what you communicate to them by offering what they want. Your company can benefit from tools that scan this type of data and turn it into valuable information, especially useful in communicating with customers.

Communications without errors. This is the benefit of a technology that truly adapts to any customer journey and device.

Examples of how companies can create closeness in communicating with customers

In the example below, we describe how this technology can be applied. Imagine a bank with a credit card product for the retail market that does not process its own credit card invoicing. The data happens to be not accurate. This scenario causes validation issues as well as enormous costs and efforts regarding manual invoice review. In addition, there is an invalidated invoice rate due to these errors.

Leveraging our assertive methodology in communicating with customers, we solve this situation, while optimizing the company's internal processes. This is the opportunity for your brand to focus on its core business and entrust this technical scope of processing the communication to a dedicated platform.

"We are talking about a platform that optimizes the operational activities in such way that allows Marketing and Finance to work on relevant dates up to one month in advance, leveraging the assertiveness on targeted campaigns. The delivery can be much more personalized due to our Human-First Connect vision,” says Bruno Lichot, Head of Product at :hiperstream .

Another good example is a banking institution that has partnered with a carmaker. The customers were able to receive, within their detailed billing, a discount voucher offered on a new car model purchase. This voucher was sent exclusively for the desired target: men of a certain age and social status.

It makes a big difference for customers to be impacted by a targeted advertising that can speak directly to their profile. This is the type of initiative that promotes more assertive action, whereby the customer feels special, which validates the desire to buy. This proximity is a sales booster.

Scaling the communication for your business

Every company that needs to relate to its customers, in any level, can benefit from tailored communication. In addition, it can be crucial for companies without a dedicated IT department to be able to build a relationship strategy with their customers.

Starting is quite simple. Depending on the company’s size, the technical setup can happen within a month. From this moment on, significant improvement in customer communications are perceived.

Sales is proven to be indirectly leveraged due to the support of this technique. The impact of a humanized relationship is engaging the customer while offering services. And ends up generating sales.

Concluding ...

You can always go beyond and create a unique experience for your client. Simply use platforms that integrate data and create new approach possibilities with humanized communication.

:hiperstream platform offers a new level of building customer relationships. In a single integration it is possible to make use of several functionalities, including processing and validating data in a secure way.

Take the opportunity for your company to create much closer communication within your customer database, establishing this relationship through tailored communications, and drive conversion rates into sales.

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