Integrated experience in the communication journey and invoice sending
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Integrated experience in the communication journey and invoice sending

Sept. 9, 2019

At MDS Portugal, a multinational group that operates in the area of insurance and reinsurance brokerage and risk consulting, contract documents and financial information receipts were sent manually by snail mail. For many clients, receiving paper-based invoice in the mail was a thing of the past; to others, however, it remained an important communication channel. MDS wanted to digitize its customer communication process and offer a personalized relationship experience.  
According to the company’s head of CRM & BI, Pedro Martins, MDS implemented :hiperstream’s CCM (Customer Communication Management) with the objective of optimizing touchpoint management and getting a clearer view of its customer cycles. The company started with billing notices and then moved on to other touchpoints in the customer journey. 
“Not only does it give us the opportunity to send more relevant and assertive communication, but we also make the process more efficient and are able to cut overall costs. We increased the potential and improved the communications and billing experience by automating not only the delivery process, but also our interpretation of the results and each user’s preferences, integrating this information into our own system and database,” Pedro said.  

Using technology to increase relevance

According to MDS Global Marketing Director, Beatriz Bergamaschi Cabral, “MDS doesn’t just want to define when to communicate, and what to say. We want our communication to make sense for each customer profile. We may use the billing channel to send other marketing communications, but we don’t believe in empty cross-selling. We want to communicate with relevance and on our customers’ favorite channels, and :hiperstream has helped us along this path.” 

“With :hiperstream, we no longer see the delivery of our communications and collection notices as a one-way street. We want to say something that our customers want to hear, and also understand which topics are less relevant. We always look at communication our through a more integrated, digital and optimized perspective, so that our customer can have the best possible experience with our brand,” Beatriz stressed.   

Using data to optimize collection notice delivery

Without automated data validation, we wouldn’t be able to send a statement with complete confidence in the user information and data, at the risk of sending the wrong information. Through this automation, with the :hiperstream DVA, we get validation from our base data and error reporting that optimizes our operation and creates a unique end customer experience while bringing us operational efficiency gains. That mitigates financial errors and losses and facilitates all other delivery and tracking processes for communication reports.

About MDS Portugal

MDS is a multinational group that operates in insurance and reinsurance brokerage, risk consulting and benefit management. The company is a market leader in Portugal, is among the largest in its field in Brazil, and has a footprint in Angola, Mozambique and Spain. MDS operates worldwide through Brokerslink, which was founded by the group and manages a network of brokers spread across more than 110 countries, totaling about 18,000 insurance professionals. In reinsurance, it operates in Brazil, Portugal and Africa under the MDS RE brand. Risk Consulting Group (RCG) is a benchmark company in the fields of risk analysis, loss control, business continuity planning and enterprise risk management. The group also offers alternative risk transfer solutions to the traditional insurance market through HighDome, a Protected Cell Company (PCC). Finally, while the recent acquisition of Process reinforces the company’s P&C and Guarantee expertise, the purchase of a stake in 838 Soluções and the acquisition of Ben's reiterate its dominance in the Corporate Benefits, Automated Benefits Management and Flexible Benefits segments.

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