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:hiperstream helps your company become more efficient and make your communication more assertive

increase partner relationships
improve your compliance and learn with data validation
controlled change request management for all customer communications
provide real communication experiences

Create communication journeys and unique customer experiences

Our Products

data validation automation

Configurable service that allows automatic validation of large volumes of data, reducing risks and losses in the operation.

cloud communication management

Connects to any kind of data source and creates a single data stream, providing first the data quality solution and then the omni-channel communication power end.

partner relationship management portal

An agile portal with effective possibilities to interact with customers and partners to create new revenue streams.



:hiperstream is a global technology company that was born to transform the way companies communicate with their customers and partners. :hiperstream’s clients are able to manage the entire communication journey of transactional statements, bills mixed with marketing and business messages while create a unique relationship experience.

customers impacted

validated data

multi-channel communications sent

consumers migrated to digital channels


Riedstrasse 7, Cham, Zug, 6330, Switzerland


Rua da Lionesa, Nº 446, Edifício C25 4465-671 - Leça do Balio, Portugal

North America

California Center | 50 California St, San Francisco, California US


Rua Samuel Morse, 120, 10o Andar, São Paulo, SP 04576-060, BR

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