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data validation automation

Configurable platform that allows automatic validation of large volumes of multiple data silos, reducing risks and losses in the operation.

  • enables and simplifies digitalization projects
  • 100% data validation, 24/7
  • unprecedented business rule flexibility to meet the needs of your business
  • smart reports help to identify the error source quickly

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cloud communication management

Cloud platform that centralizes omnichannel communication processes, including sending, tracking and control.

  • integrated change management control and approval increase compliance
  • allows business users to change customer communication quickly and efficiently
  • scalable, secure and GDPR compliant environment
  • analytics and delivery control submission
  • combine transactional communication with multichannel communication marketing & business messages to capture more attention

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partner relationship management portal

A communication channel with powerful social media experience for companies to connect with customers and partners.

  • increase your business
  • performance with social experience in a safe way
  • let partners and customers find relevant documents and share information quickly
  • increase engagement with your partners within GDPR compliance
  • Quick setup and integration

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