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Increase profit margins and revenue assurance levels.
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“HiperStream delivers seamless, instant experiences, that are transparent, personal and relevant.”
Complete execution and monitoring of the entire transactional communication process

From the development of customized transactional data, to production and distribution, HiperStream Platform answers the needs of enterprises management of mission critical customer communications and marketing automation. HiperStream platform aims to improve productivity and efficiency, via a software architecture, deployed over the cloud.

Accuracy, confidentiality and execution of transactional communications, well managed to avoid negative impact in revenues and compliance

Data and variables to be sent out to customers, are extracted, formatted and consolidated, free of manual tasks and errors. The platform embeds cutting-edge technology that enables highly complex business process automation whenever data needs to be processed, enabling automatic fixing of discrepancies and avoiding errors that could cause undesirable costly consequences.

All fundamental features for enterprises whose customer data must be handled at mission critical business process level

Improved Scalability, Operational Efficiency, Highest Crypto-Safety Standard and Software Development Life Cycle management. Our infrastructure is built to provide 99% guaranteed uptime with performance and data privacy. HiperStream’s success is based on this value proposition and therefore we only employ the best teams and the latest proven technologies.

“Successful digital migration begins with an understanding of consumer behaviour, preferences and choices, across channels and devices.”
– José Silva, CIO Carrefour
Innovative, reliable, fast, secure access anytime, anywhere

HiperStream is multi-tenant enabling continuous distribution to business units, departments and geographies in the pace your business demands. Our software is updated regularly and transparently to receive the latest innovations and benefits.​ You know that you are always running the latest version of the software.

Integrates easily with other applications

You can integrate with your internal systems, manage, configure, customize and combine with HiperStream’s transaction-level data analysis to increase multichannel engagement. And you can add components for customer behavior information towards sophisticated segmentation for marketing and credit underwriting.

Cost-Efficient Partnership Value Proposition

HiperStream is designed to help organizations retain and expand their customer base. Our prices follow this same principle: you grow, we grow with you. HiperStream is cloud and elastic therefore not only for large organizations but also for growing businesses, which do not have budget for expensive projects, but still need powerful tools to achieve their goals.

A quick deployable enterprise application

Allow faster on boarding of teams, information flow and strategies to be executed in proper time

Scalability &
Operational Efficiency

HiperStream’s Multi-Tenant Business Architecture allows enterprises to deploy to business units and geographies with unprecedented cost benefits, collaboration and speed in ways a single-tenant or on-premises application simply does not.

Easy Integration &

Open APIs and native integrations for most CRMs, ERPs and payment gateways. Increasing intelligence for the enrichment and accuracy of transactional customer data, with substantial reduction in Call Center Activation and Reprocessing Costs.

Delivering Significant
Impact to Businesses

Improves Revenue Assurance & Customer Retention
Mitigates Revenue Risks
Generates New Revenues
Eliminates Redundancies
Reduces costs
Reduces Paper Usage
Safety and Compliance
Scales the Business
Increases ROI rates

“HiperStream takes on new dimensions on revenue management, with real-time analytics covering all aspects of customer interactions.”