:hiperstream products helps you manage the entire transactional comm flow:

Nossos produtos

validação automática de dados

Practical and configurable solution that enables the automatic validation of all data from all kind of digital sources with precision and assertiveness.

  • low coded business rules
  • enables and simplify digitalization projects
  • full data validation
  • smart reports

customer communication management

Connects to any kind of data source and create a single data stream providing an omni-channel communication and data quality solutions for customer transactional communication.

  • Real time business / operation validation and correction
  • Full operational, business and analytics dashboards
  • Transpromo, Cross marketing and segmentation campaigns
  • Open API integration - CRMs, ERPs, Call Centers, Legacy and Industry Patterns

portal de gerenciamento de canais

An entire portal for partner relationship that allows viewing all communication, transactions and interactions that have been made through the processes.

  • Full visibility
  • Consolidate information with easy access

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